What to Expect Upon the Installation of Your New Silencer

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a new Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chute. Congratulations! You’re getting the best hydraulic squeeze chute on the market today. At A.L., we work to provide you the Silencer equipped to meet the needs of your operation. Installation is available with a personal introduction to the finer details of your new Silencer Chute. You’re going to benefit from the features you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

Noise Reduction

Silencer cattle chutes feature a patented noise reduction system, consisting of 130 contact points encased in polyethylene. This means that there is considerably less noise during operation than you’ll find with other chutes. The hydraulic pump system is quiet, and there’s little in the way of steel-on-steel, so your animals will feel calmer when in the chute.

Pivot Controls

Pivot controls enable the lever bank to move easily from one side to the other, simply by pivoting the controls. The controls also adjust up and down vertically, delivering greater comfort to the operator. As well, the controls can be operated on only one side at a time. That means improved operator safety, since the need for communication between operators on either side is eliminated.


The angled, louvered blinds on the Silencer cattle chute work to keep the animals from seeing humans in their flight zone when they enter the chute, and reduces hesitation in moving forward to the head doors. The operator’s line of sight is not impaired.

Side Exit

Side exits can be on the left, the right, or both on either the hydraulic or mechanical bottom. You can also use the dual side exit for fitting.

Lower Squeeze

You can switch easily from a 350 pound calf to a 2500 pound bull with no adjustment, or at least with very little, thanks to the Silencer chute’s total door opening system.

You need to be assured that you always have the best possible body control, with maximum head control and neck access in order to place vaccinations precisely. That means that the lower squeeze has to function separately from the top squeeze, and that you have to be able to use it continuously. That’s exactly what the Silencer chute delivers.

On the lower squeeze, both sides adjust easily, and can accommodate side exit on either or both sides along with a full size drop pan. Some hydraulic squeeze chutes sacrifice accessibility to the lower half of the drop pan, but this isn’t a problem with the Silencer.

Rear Walk-Through Doors

If you’ve purchased a Silencer Extended model, you’ll be able to move in behind your animal for pregnancy checking, embryo transfer, semen checking and artificial insemination. The side panels and walk-through doors are designed to keep smaller animals from turning when performing these operations.

Extra Neck Access

The head door on the Silencer chute is rubber-wrapped to guard against shoulder damage and minimize choke-down. Extension bars control the head location while allowing access to the neck, and are adjustable for different sized animals. Silencer is the only cattle chute that provides a full sixteen inches of accessible neck on each side gate. You can hold any animal from 350 to 2500 pounds for easy injection.

Rebar Floor

Silencer’s optional rebar floor is constructed of three-quarter inch high tensile rebar, with three-quarter inch spacing in between. This allows the manure to drop through the floor, keeping the chute as clean as possible during processing.

Drop Pan

Silencer drop pans are made of 45000 PSI steel, and provide full access to the lower portion of the animal. The doors can be removed easily simply by lowering it and sliding it to one side.

Easy Access Lower Leg Doors

The Easy Access Lower Leg Doors can be added to any Silencer model chute. The complete opening lower doors allow for added operator efficiency and safety while gaining access to the animals lower body.

Hydraulic Neck Bars

Silencer’s hydraulic neck bars provide more neck access by controlling the animal’s head three ways: left, right and straight ahead for vaccinating, mouthing, drenching, tagging, RFID, ect. This control adds to the operators’ and animals’ safety and promotes efficient flow with no need to reset the bars for each additional animal or adjust the bars based on the various sizes of cattle. The neck bars provide 16 inches of extra neck access per side gate for precision vaccination placement. Soft rubber cushions on the hydraulic head restraints and neck bars provide a quick efficient way to control head for vaccinating, mouthing, drenching, and tagging or other access to the neck area.

Hydraulic Leg Pull

The hydraulic leg pull operates with the drop pan down, or with the half drop pan installed. It provides control of the animal’s leg and lifts in when working with the foot, castrating, etc.

Electric or Gas Pump

Your Silencer chute will be powered either with an electric pump or a gas pump. The electric pump is available in both 220 single and 3-phase, and is equipped with an oil breather/fill cap, reservoir and spin on filter in a self-contained unit. The gas pump is best for remote operations, and is equipped with pressure relief, oil filter, reservoir and female quick couplers.