About Us

The first thing we like customers to know is that we are cattle people.

Our team comprises experienced working ranch experts who have grown up handling cattle. The second thing I like customers to know is that this is what we do. We don’t sell or service any other brand or type of equipment. Silencer Chutes are our main focus. I have been representing Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes for over ten years. Growing up in the Sand Hills of Nebraska, I have been working cattle all my life. After years of working cattle with various equipment, I was introduced to the Silencer Hydraulic Chute System and was determined to increase the awareness of increased safety and calm cattle.

All chutes are custom ordered to fit the needs of your operation. With my guidance, I will work directly with the manufacturer to get you the cattle equipment that works with your facilities. After your equipment is finished, I have a reliable and knowledgeable team to help with the delivery and installation of your custom Silencer equipment. Frequently, I have in stock, used Silencer equipment that I have taken in on trade. These pieces do not stick around long so be sure to call and see what I have in stock.

  • Art Leetch

    Founder & Customizing Expert

    My dad was a ranch hand. That’s all I’ve ever known, working feed yards and processing cattle.

    I’d seen some awful ways of doing it, and once I saw how the Silencer worked, how much easier it was on cattle and on operators, I just knew this was how it should be done.

    The thing is, I love cattle, and it really made me unhappy to see all the stress, misery, and pain they had to go through with some of the chutes that were being used.

    That’s what really turned me onto the Silencer Squeeze Chute systems, and it’s why I really love telling people about it.

    Selling a Silencer chute makes me happy, it makes my customers happy, and for sure it makes the animals happy.

    Contact Art: 308-215-0258

  • Lauren Leetch

    Office Manager

    Lauren is the Office Manager for A.L. Silencer Hydraulic Chutes. Her responsibilities include maintaining accurate invoicing, billing and staying current with all federal and state regulations.

    Prior to working for her husband Art, she worked in the lending industry in Colorado Springs for 8 years. She gained immense experience in marketing, leadership and strategic business development.

    Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. She and Art live in Nebraska with their three beautiful daughters.

  • Robert Devoe

    Delivery, Installation & Service

    Robert grew up in rural Iowa and Nebraska.
    After high school he joined the army as an intelligence analyst and proceeded to Ft. Huachuca Military Intelligence school. After training he was posted to Ft. Hood Texas where his responsibilities included supervising coordinating and participating in the analysis processing and distribution of strategic and tactical intelligence.

    After leaving the U.S. Army he joined the oilfield as a roustabout and semi driver in southern Texas. He continued this job until moving back to Nebraska and joining the A.L. Silencer Chute team.