SILENCER Galvanized model (also available in Heavy-Duty, Heavy-Duty Extended, Commercial Pro and Commercial Pro Extended models) is a hydraulic squeeze chute made with hot dipped zinc-plating process to protect the chute for extended life. The Galvanized model is recommended for livestock operations located in saltwater and high rainfall areas, as well as for use of clinical facilities.

  • Yearling option – Same overall SILENCER dimensions with a lowered dropbar area for more body access on lightweight cattle. Chute is also available with 1-side yearling option and 1-side regular sidegate.
  • Ranch Model and Extended Ranch Model have left or right controls or Pivot Controls from side to side or front to back.
  • Add a carrier for a quick, portable chute.
  • One-year warranty.

Additional Add-on Equipment:

  • TurretGate
  • SILENCERs: Ranch, Heavy Duty, Commercial Pro, Extended, Tilt
  • Alleys: Single, Dual and Transitions
  • Carriers: Yoke, Carry-All, Overhead
  • Scales: Platform, Overhead


  • Extended Heavy Duty Model
  • Rear walk-through door (26″)
  • Pivot Controls            (specify side and movement)
  • Pivot on overhead scales            (specify side and movement)
  • Dual Controls
  • Rubber-belted louvers on side gates
  • Hydraulic lower squeeze
  • Additional neck access per side gate $68.00/side
  • Neck Bar
  • Hydraulic head restraint
  • De-horner/Tattooer
  • Hydraulic Neck Extension Bars
  • Short Yearling Sidegates ($272/side)
  • Side exit Left or Right (circle)
  • Quick-Action Slam Shut Side Exit Left or Right (Circle)
  • Brisket Bar
  • Rebar Floor
  • Easy Access Lower Leg Door
  • Vertical Split Drop Pan $152.00/side
  • Horizontal Split Drop Pan Left, Right, or Both (circle)
  • Hydraulic Leg Puller
  • Hydraulic Kick Bars
  • Panel attachment
  • Blocking Bars
  • Extra Spool valves
  • Extra Taildoor Control 20’ Behind Chute

Power Supply Options:

  • 5HP Electric hydraulic pump      Single or Three Phase (circle)
  • 5HP Electric Hydraulic Pump w/Pressure Relief Valve and Quick                Single or Three Phase (circle)
  • Gas Powered HPV 550 hydraulic pump
    • Honda 6.5 HP engine, hydraulic pump, single spool valve with pressure relief, reservoir, oil filter, quick couplers (female), carrying package includes handles and rubber grommets for transportation