Taking Care of Your Silencer Chute

One of the best things about your Silencer chute is that it requires very little maintenance. You have better things to do with your time than be constantly oiling components and replacing parts – you have a herd to run!

Easy Maintenance

Moly Manufacturing, the maker of Silencer chutes, is very much of the belief that welded components are a disadvantage when it comes to cattle chute maintenance. That’s why they make their chutes with a minimum of welded parts, and drop panels that are made to allow full access to the underside of the animal simply by sliding the door to one side. The pen latches and drop gate are fully adjustable, and easy to replace by simply removing the top bolt. The urethane, oil-based bearings are non-corrosive, self-lubricating, and also easy to replace. The main cylinder pins on the Silencer chute have grease zerks installed in order to facilitate easy maintenance. In fact, Silencer is the only chute that has this feature – other brands may claim that they have no wear points or linkage, but we highly doubt it.

Easy Cleaning

The Silencer chute is easy to clean, with a latch adjustment shaft on the lower squeeze that simply flips up to allow clean-out. The floor is made of rebar that allows manure to fall through, so the chute stays clean even during processing.


The greasable main cylinder pins and rocker shaft roller bearings deliver smooth action and long life on the Commercial Pro and Heavy Duty models. The smooth action drop pan latches and drop bar have no steel on steel contact points.

Replaceable Parts

Most parts on the Silencer are easy to replace, thanks to the modular design. You can easily change tail and head doors simply by removing nuts and bolts. The drop bars are replaceable on the Commercial Pro and Heavy Duty models. All you need to do is take out a single bolt, remove the bar, clean out the hair and other debris, and then re-install the bar. This is a feature that can add years to the life of your chute.

Non-flexible Mainframe

The Silencer’s mainframe is built to prevent flex, with a 4×2 or 4×3 framework (depending on the model), as opposed to other brands with 2.5×2.5 frames. The four-inch mainframe floor dimension controls the thrust that is delivered to the framework when an animal enters, providing improved longevity and superior durability.

A.L. Has What You Need

Your Silencer chute comes with a full warranty for a minimum of one year, and up to three, depending on the model. At A.L. we have a full line of parts to keep your chute operating smoothly, and we can even provide maintenance assistance. If you have questions about maintaining your Silencer chute, need assistance, or if you’re planning your next cattle chute purchase, give us a call in Nebraska at 308-215-0258, or in Texas at 817-736-6920.